[SOLVED] Forensic Science Innocence

Part I. Case SummaryDirections: Research a case that is listed on the Innocence Project website. https://www.innocenceproject.orgWrite a complete 2-page summary of the specifics of the case and give your personal reflection and opinion (double-spaced, one-inch margins all around, 12pt font, Times New Roman). Your summary should include the following information:· Leading person, persons,· Year, charge(s), conviction, sentence· City/state?· Details of the case (What happened? What crimes were committed? How was the individual convicted? How did the Innocence Project get involved? How did their involvement improve or change the conviction?)Part 2: Reflection· Provide your opinion on the case (do you think the individual’s wrongful conviction was due to faulty evidence, bad police work, bad CSI/forensic science, bad legal representation, a combination of these, or other reasons?· Does this case make you feel less or more confident in forensic science? (Why?)· Provide your opinion on the current state of our justice system. Do you think that post-conviction DNA testing should be mandated for all convictions where DNA testing was not originally conducted? How do you think we should prevent against future wrongful convictions?** Case information found on the Innocence Project website is a source and should therefore be included in the references page.

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[SOLVED] Forensic Science Innocence
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