[SOLVED] Gender Roles and Sexuality

There are 3 parts to complete assignment. I do not need any citation or APA format. All writing needs to be related to Chapter 12 life-span human development ( psychology). I have attached summary of chapter, please use this as a guide to use specific terms for writing. There is a MUST WATCH video for part 2, writing needs to be related to that specific video. Please be creative for part 3.1.- What is important for shaping gender roles? Think about social, cultural, biological, and other factors. Then watch the video below and tell me how these may impact a child such as Storm’s development. Do you think this family’s choice to raise Storm this way is a good or bad idea and why? This is your opinion, but it must be based on the factual information you’ve read in the text and text lecture.2.-Consider some of the following terms as well as the early and later stages of development in your discussion: gender identity, gender typing, gender constancy, gender stability, and gender consistency, and gender schemas.STORM OF CONTROVERSY OVER GENDER FREE PARENTINGhttps://www.today.com/video/storm-of-controversy-over-gender-free-parenting-444862118032.- Thinking specifically about your own childhood and other life experiences, what do you believe had the most impact on shaping your ideas about YOUR own gender and sexuality? Be honest, but I am not expecting you to divulge anything that you are not comfortable with.Use as many terms from the chapter as will apply.3.- Tell me a fun fact or something interesting that happened to you or someone you know which is directly related to any material from Chapter 12.You should first tell me what part of the chapter to which it is related by telling me the term(s), issue(s), or phenomena, etc.; then tell me your fact/something that happened.

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[SOLVED] Gender Roles and Sexuality
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