[SOLVED] Global Entertainment Marketing

Guidelines – Paper:1. Approximately a 10-page paper; typed and double-spaced.2. Due on Thursday, November 12th at 3:30pm posted on Blackboard in Assignments section3. Spelling, Grammar, and Organization will be graded.4. Must reflect original ideas, otherwise information should be cited.5. Late submission will be penalized one grade per day.Guidelines – Oral Presentation – 10 X 10 X 10:1. 10 minutes |10 slides | No more than 10 words per slide2. Spelling counts!3. Due on Tuesday, November 17th at 3:30pm posted on Blackboard in Assignments section4. Late submission will be penalized one grade per day.5. In your presentation, include: o Overview of main concepto Logo & taglineo Spokesperson recommendationo Corporate sponsors – and rationale o Micro influencers – why? o Any 4 communication executions, and o Why you think this entity will be successful.6. Schedule of presentations to be announced (likely 11.17 and one other day).Create any one of the following concepts:- Your own new sports franchise (for an existing league) – make up city/nickname/mascot.- A brand new movie or video game (not a prequel or a sequel) from an entertainment property; it can be from a book, an animated character.- A new 3-day music event (that does not already exist).1. Describe the “new” entity in 50 words or less and identify the venue/geography/field where your new entity will take place. (5 points)2. Name 3 non-competing appropriate corporate sponsors you will secure. Why are these the best choices? (10 points)Iona CollegeLa Penta School of BusinessMKT 360 – Global Entertainment MarketingProfessor Steven Jarmon Final Project | Fall 2020- Continued -3. Identify 2 specific brand ambassadors and 2 specific micro influencers for your entity – Be sure to provide reason/size of potential audience/specific role. (10 points)4. Identify a national or global spokesperson for your entity. Why? (10 points)5. Adapt the 4 C’s of Entertainment/Content Marketing to your entity. (10 points6. Identify 6 potential licenses for your entity. (10 points)7. Create an actual logo and a tagline – show colors, font, etc. (10 points)8. Provide 2 each of the following. (If using video, attach file): (10 points)a. Tweetsb. Facebook Postsc. TikTok Postsd. 2 traditional communication executions (print ad, radio script, TV storyboard, PR event9. Identify and discuss the entertainment marketing “channels” your entity will participate in – name and provide rationale for at least 5 unique and different applications. Why? (10 points)10. Why will this venture be a financial success especially when considering the change of consumer behavior in a world that now understands and has to cope with a pandemic? Use text, class notes, research to support your answer (15 points)

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[SOLVED] Global Entertainment Marketing
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