[SOLVED] History of Olympics

In Paper 1, you will review the Official Olympic Report, from one of two Olympic Games: Tokyo 1964 or Beijing 2008. Think about the broader context of the Games you select and the ways in which you could interpret the Report based on what you are learning in the other assigned materials in our course. And try to stay attuned to themes from these Olympics that could be applicable to the upcoming Tokyo 2020 or Beijing 2022 Games. It could be change over time with regard to gender or human rights, environmental impact/conditions, spectacle… anything you like.Select and access the Official Report through the LA84(Links to an external site.)Foundation’s Digital Library.Go to LA 84.org sport history library https://digital.la84.org/digital/ (Links to an external site.)–> Olympic Official Reports CollectionBefore beginning the assignment, please read carefully the “Guidelines for working with Primary Sources” and “Writing Guidelines and Resources” and in Module 0. These are separate pages that provide more information about interpreting primary source materials and the planning and writing of a research paper in this course.The reports are long—do not expect to read every word. Historians working in archives (or on their personal computers in digital archives) learn to act like detectives as they make their way through lots and lots of materials. Skim through the “less important” parts and then dive into the interesting parts. Think about who is writing the document, who is the intended audience, and what is being conveyed and why. Look for the big points, and also the interesting insights. Use the knowledge you have gained from other sources in the course to interpret what you are finding in the report.The paper you will write is 4-6 pages in length. This will be challenging, because you could write dozens of pages on the report. Think strategically about what you want to include, and make every word count.In the paper, answer the questions listed below. You may write an essay that incorporates all of the questions, or, you may separate your responses to the questions into sections with headings.What organizations, committees, and individuals were involved in these Olympic Games? What purposes did the various entities serve?How did the organizers promote the values and ideals of the Olympic Movement?How did the organizers use the Games to promote a vision of the host city/nation?What made these Olympic Games unique? (This question could be interpreted and answered in different ways. Think creatively and historically.)What lessons could be drawn from these Games as organizers plan Tokyo 2020 or Beijing 2022? (depending on the report you selected)This is a short paper. It will not be comprehensive or exhaustive. Pick a few examples; make arguments (ideas) about the examples; and use evidence from the reports to support the arguments (ideas).Formatting Guidelines:The essay should be typed, with one-inch margins, in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, and 4-6 pages in length. A heading (single-spaced) should include the assignment description, your name, and the date. A title should also appear at the top of the first page. Finally, the pages should be numbered.Citation Guidelines:Internal citations should be used and should state the name, volume number, and page number of the report. For example (Calgary 1988, 208). Do not use block quotations because this is a shortpaper.Quotations should be no longer than 3 lines or 1-2 sentences. Citations are required when ideas are paraphrased as well as when sentences are quoted directly. If you find you are paraphrasing a lot, which is fine and to be expected, you may use a mass citation at the end of the paragraph to cover the entire paragraph. For example (Calgary, 65-67, 180-195).] If you cite some of the other assigned materials in our course for the writing of this paper, please include a Works Cited page.Please look these and Write it , i will send a Prompt and sources to you by email

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[SOLVED] History of Olympics
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