[SOLVED] Human Behavior

Format of the Human Behavior Theoretical Paper:Introduction: Provide an introduction of the person you interviewed. This elderly person should be over the age of (65) years old. This introduction can cover the ages of 0-21 years old.Body (Content of your paper) should include the following Subheadings:Young Middle- Adulthood (Ages 21-40; 40-60)In this section of the assignment, you should be discussing the biological, psychological, social development in this phase of life for this person. It should cover material learned from chapters 9-13. As it relates to life experience, health, body changes, marriage, divorce, children, family, death, relationships, education, employment, and etc. This section must include support from textbook as in-text citations.Later Adulthood (Ages 65- )You need to select an appropriate Human Behavior Theory (1) as it relates to your person. This theory must match the information provided to you during the interview. You must clearly articulate the theory with in-text citations and material learned from chapters 14-16. Theories include: Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory (Stages 6-8 only); Aging Theories: Activity Theory orDisengagement Theory; Levinson’s Theories of Life Structure and Transitions for Men. That means you need to discuss the significant premises of the theory including stages of development.SummarySummarize your final thoughts about completing this assignment. Explain your rational for selecting the Human Behavior Theory. What did you learn from this interview as it relates to aging? Lastly, identify how social workers can help the growing aging community.ReferencesAppendix- Provide a copy of interview questions.

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[SOLVED] Human Behavior
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