[SOLVED] Jacobite Rebellion

The assignment is below. My research question is: Why did the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 Fail? A primary source is, https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/education/resources/jacobite-1745/9128-2/This is a short and multi-part assignment. Please read the instructions carefully. Responses should be clear, thoughtful, and thorough. Write full words and full sentences. Upload and submit your assignment as a Word document, not as a PDF.Part I: In question form, please present your preliminary research question. For example: How did the Free Soil Party challenge the existing political order?Part II: Please select and identify one primary source you intend to use for your research paper. Address these questions: What type of primary source is it? When was it produced? Who produced it? What was the purpose or intent of this source?Part III: Write one paragraph based on initial analysis of the primary source identified in Part II. What does the source reveal? What information do you find particularly useful?Part IV: Write one paragraph based on continued analysis of the primary source identified in Part II. What questions does the primary source raise? What else will you need to find out?

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[SOLVED] Jacobite Rebellion
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