[SOLVED] Professional Role and Values

A. Identify a nursing theory that has influenced your values and goals.1. Explain how nurses apply the identified theory from part A to implement excellent nursing practices.2. Discuss how the identified theory from part A fits your professional practice.B. Identify the contributions of two historical nursing figures in the nineteenth or twentieth century.1. Compare the differences in contributions of the two historical figures identified in part B.2. Describe how the contributions of the two historical figures influence your professional nursing practice.C. Explain the functional differences between the State Board of Nursing and the American Nurses Association (ANA).1. Define the roles of these two organizations.2. Explain how these two organizations influence your nursing practice.3. Explain the requirements for professional license renewal in your state. a. Discuss the consequences of failure to maintain license requirements in your state.4. Compare the differences between registered nursing license requirements in a compact state versus a non-compact state.D. Discuss the functional differences between the Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (see the web links below).1. Discuss how the two regulatory agencies influence your professional nursing practice.a. Describe your role as a patient advocate in promoting safety when a patient has requested to use an alternative therapy.E. Discuss the purposes of the Nurse Practice Act in your state and its impact on your professional practice.1. Discuss the scope of practice for a RN in your state. Florida2. Discuss how your state defines delegation for the RN. FloridaF. Apply each of the following roles to your professional practice:• a scientist• a detective• a manager of the healing environmentG. Identify two provisions from the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics (see web link below).1. Analyze how the two provisions identified in part G influence your professional nursing practice.2. Describe a nursing error that may occur in a clinical practice (e.g., clinical setting, skills lab, or simulation).a. Explain how the ANA provisions identified in part G can be applied to the error discussed in part G2.H. Identify four leadership qualities or traits that represent excellence in nursing.1. Discuss the significance of the four leadership qualities identified in part H in the nurse’s role as each of the following:• a leader at the bedside• within a nursing team or interdisciplinary team2. Identify how your work environment impacts the following:• nursing leadership• decision making• professional developmentThis is a question and answer paper, for Part E . it needs to be related to Florida stateTask 1 will not be a “flowing” paper – answer the questions and do not repeat the questions to avoid originality issues.

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[SOLVED] Professional Role and Values
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