[SOLVED] Sia Paper

Introduction: set out general problem that design/product/concept (DPC) is intended to solve. – Provide a complete but concise description of the DPC you are analyzing. – Who is responsible for creating/producing/building the DPC? – What need is it intended to fill? – Who are the stakeholders (identify direct and indirect stakeholders)? b) Survey (no weights assigned) of potential benefits and potential drawbacks – 1-2 paragraphs summarizing potential benefits. – 1-2 paragraphs summarizing potential drawbacks. Part II: Critical Analysis a) Identify the most significant (two each at most) of the following: – Benefit – what is the most significant benefit and why? – Drawback – what is the most significant drawback and why? b) Apply virtue ethics: – Provide a mini-introduction to this section previewing the steps are you going to go through in the following paragraphs. – Analyze your topic from the perspective of neo-Aristotelian virtue ethics. This should include a discussion of eudaimonia as well as two (no more than three) virtues you think are most relevant. c) Position on the future of your topic – What is your position? Why? – If you are in favor of the DPC continuing, make sure you address the drawback you discussed in II a. That is, mitigating or eliminating this drawback should be part of your position. If you are against the DPC, explain how you will address the lost benefit mentioned in II a. d) Counterargument to your position (II c) and response – Spend at least one paragraph identifying and motivating the most serious counterargument/objection to your position. – Spend at least one more paragraph addressing this counterargument/objection. DPC is equal to topic my topic is electric semi trucks i also alrady have the 8 sources i need i just need it put all together following the rules above i also have work to for the project

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[SOLVED] Sia Paper
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