[SOLVED] Social Equality

For this assignment, you will choose four sources that you plan to use in your essay (remember that your final essay will include six or more sources) and write an annotated bibliography. Here’s what you’ll need to do:Arrange the sources in alphabetical order by author.Follow MLA format for your source information: author, title, and so on.For each source, you will include a 100-200 word annotation. The annotation will be in three parts: a brief summary, an evaluation, and a reflection about the source’s usefulness in your essay.A Writer’s Reference, 8th edition, has this to say about writing the summary and evaluation portion of the annotation for each source:”A summary of each source states the work’s main ideas and key points briefly and accurately. The summary is written in the third person and the present tense. Summarizing helps you test your understanding of a source and convey its meaning responsibly.”An evaluation of the source’s role and usefulness in your project includes an assessment of the source’s strengths and limitations, the author’s qualifications and expertise, and the function of the source in your project. Evaluating a source helps you analyze how the source fits into your project and separate the source’s ideas from your own.”In the reflection portion of the annotation entry, you will indicate how the source will contribute to your research project.The annotation process should help you evaluate your sources, allowing you to find the best, most helpful sources for your argument.

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[SOLVED] Social Equality
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