[SOLVED] Still I Rise

Playwright, Poet, Author:                                                           Play Title:Theme:                                                                     Playwright’s Purpose:Brief Synopsis:Structure:  How does the form, choice of language, elements of time and place, use of organizational strategies, repetition, refrains, rhyme, melody, jokes, narrators, rhythm, (other devices) support and enhance the theme and author’s purpose.  Include at least three concrete examples.Empathy/Identification:  What is your personal window into the world of the play. Include a moment from your life that resonates with the play, a particular scene, or character:  e.g. With whom do you identify/empathize and why?  What situation in the play do you identify with and why?Universality:  How is the work universal—what does it tell us about our collective humanity, and the Human Condition over time.

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[SOLVED] Still I Rise
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