[SOLVED] The Federal Aviation Act

Read Grand Canyon Collision – The greatest commercial air tragedy of its day!(Links to an external site.)from doney.net, which details the circumstances surrounding one of the most prolific aircraft accidents of all time—the June 1956 mid-air collision between two commercial aircraft over the GrandCanyon. Then, refer back to your Lawrence textbook, Chapter 20, and prepare a case analysis addressing the factors surrounding the enactment of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958.Grand Canyon Collision Links:?http://www.doney.net/aroundaz/grandcanyoncrash.htmI will upload Lawrence textbook, Chapter 20Before proceeding, watch this 17-minute tutorial Asst. Prof. Jorgensen created; it includes helpful information about how to write your case analyses for this course, and others you may be required to write as you complete your ERAU degree.Vedio Links: https://iad.cdn.nv.instructuremedia.com/originals/o-4EixxXXT14Q8atecFvE2Ug68ikb5hCUC/transcodings/t-4FgakYsBxTTh2hABNaJpS6f4T11YKc4D.mp4?&Expires=1605300508&Signature=sEd8u-A2rW-Dk-Jg~d~XnYNmwgXsTUR-pqOPVjSq9bhoWkqi13CTiZ0tqBZ9~ytEnxCwwKgWk9z7oz9CqXGxLaGXP6LxD16Iz37-uG62FRpLwTLYeQtAE2P5ozWHvme9mQIBud2PeNzHWbx2ZMhK~whOV04wxu9Xx8jDFqkxDbU1~1BrZxOVXGq04P4xBIkHinHT1FPTC4bW4zTO~ZkAXTgCbPnk4SvjAZNz7CY8oIdob~aodHr3zTgfLrunF5snGGkRAL4RcBhh5M7xiZrdq841e-v8nBBeU1XoPJkXRpe220s1QDGQ79veuRuPNEhR~r6BBLS9VAe3rtl3QTcGLw__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJLP4NHW7VFATZNDQPlease use the template I upload, which is the one you see in the video.

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[SOLVED] The Federal Aviation Act
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