[SOLVED] Voting of African-Americans

This has to be an argumentative essay on the following topic:Suppose that African-Americans do not currently have the right to vote in your country. However, a voting rights bill for African-Americans is currently being considered by the legislature. If such a bill were not to pass, it would not come up again before the legislature for another ten years. A legislator who represents the swing vote on the bill says to you, “I don’t happen to care whether African-Americans get the right to vote or not. However, if you sleep with me, I will pass the bill for you. If you don’t, I won’t.” Do you sleep with such a person if he makes you a deal like that?I would like for the argument to be that I would sleep with the person for the better opportunity that will permit African-Americans to vote.Please get into the consequentialist argument of the good outweighing the actions permitted.

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[SOLVED] Voting of African-Americans
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