[SOLVED] Arctic Mining Consultants

B. Discussion (Apply, Analyze/Evaluate) 40% The second key component to the leadership case study format is the discussion. Students are expected to develop and demonstrate critical thinking skills regarding application, analysis, and evaluation. 1. Identify at least 3 critical issues 2. Take different perspectives from different analytical frameworks and from the key players in the case study. i. e.g. take perspectives based on theories you have learned OR take perspectives from a world view (common thought). ii. Write about the perspectives of the people involved in the case 3. Prioritize the critical issues in accordance to the organization’s goals.A critical issue is a problem that exists in a case description that needs the leader’s attention and possible intervention. 1. To identify the key issues by answering the following questions: 2. Is there a problem that needs to be addressed? If so, what is it? 3. Is there a dilemma with no apparent solution for now? If so, what is it? 4. Is there an important decision that needs to be made? If so, what is it?In this section you are to examine a specific leadership theory as well as the broader world-views. You are expected to articulate how your world-view shapes your understanding of the theory being applied to a situation. The objective is to draw on different frameworks to form multiple perspectives for a particular critical issue. Another purpose is to train leaders to keep their minds open to views different from their own and also seek and take opportunities to incorporate their world-view in leadership situations. The perspective of the critical issue needs to be identified in terms of achieving the organization’s goals. List the question and the answer

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[SOLVED] Arctic Mining Consultants
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