[SOLVED] Comparative Rights and Legal Systems

Compare and contrast a civil liberty, such as freedom of speech, or a civil right, such as gender discrimination, in a country of your choice with the United States. Your project should cover three main elements:1. The nature of the legal system, including whether it is a civil or common law system, or a combination. You can find relevant information at http://www.juriglobe.ca/eng/index.php. Which courts, if any, have the power to review and overturn legislation and other government actions? Does the country have a constitutional court? If so, what kind of review is it authorized to conduct, and do individuals have access to bring complaints to this court? Compare this structure to that of the United States.2. What are the constitutional protections for the liberty or right that you are investigating? (http://comparativeconstitutionsproject.org/will be helpful.) How does this compare to the US Constitution?3. How are these protections applied? How has the judiciary interpreted this right or liberty? Be specific here. If this is a common law country, you should refer to judicial decisions, and include citations to the cases. If this is a civil law country, you may have to rely on secondary sources, such as law review articles to track the legal development. You should also track the decisions of the country’s constitutional court on this issue. If this is a European country, you should also track what the European Court of Human Rights has ruled about this right or liberty relative to this country.Papers must be 10-15 pages, doubled-spaced, following APA style. Be sure to include a Works Cited page and use in-text citations. You do not need a cover page or an abstract. You must use at least three scholarly sources, such as journal articles.

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[SOLVED] Comparative Rights and Legal Systems
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