[SOLVED] Diversity in Leadership

Continuing in your role as assistant to the city manager, you have been tasked to lead a team that will create a social media strategy for the library system. On the team, you have five baby boomers and three millennials. You are the team leader, Hispanic and a millennial. The baby boomers are all white; two are men and one is a woman. The team has been experiencing conflict and not making progress on the project. Baby boomers disagree with millennials that social media such as Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram need to be primary components of the social media strategy for the library system. The baby boomers think City of Phoenix website meets the social media needs of the city.The conflict between the boomers and millennials has become more hostile and team meetings unproductive.In 750?1,000 words, describe the following:As the leader of this team, explain how you will employ leadership skills, styles, and approaches to accomplish this project.Propose strategies you would use to create a more collaborative work environment for this diverse team so this task can be accomplished.How would you manage the conflict between the team members to formulate the social media strategy.Use three to five scholarly resources to support your explanations.

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[SOLVED] Diversity in Leadership
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