[SOLVED] Educational Philosophy Statement

What is your philosophy for Teaching?Many things shape the ideals and practices you will use in your future classroom: the focus of teaching as decided by society, your own upbringing, and your school experiences. Complete these ‘starters’ below to help you begin to think about components of teaching and how you see them incorporated into your classroom. · Specific roles of a teacher in the classroom to me:· Specific roles I envision my students doing: · My relationship with my students will be: · My learning environment will be: (include strategies, techniques, ideas for inclusiveness)· I will make a difference in the lives of my students through (modeling, subject matter importance, attitude, respect, …etc)· Ultimately, education for our students has the purpose of OR is important because: (society, community, families, global)Using the information, you have now generated about your educational beliefs and the information shared in class or viewed online you will begin to write your educational philosophy statement. Requirements: Compose a 1-2 typed, single-spaced educational philosophy · Introduction, body, conclusion, in 1st person, present tense· Role of teacher and the role of student· Effective Instructional Strategies· Learning environment description· Importance of Content/Subject Matter· Create a teaching philosophy that gives your instructor a ‘mental peek’ into your future classroom. Use your personality and your thoughts to compose this statement. Must have a unique element!

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[SOLVED] Educational Philosophy Statement
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