[SOLVED] Gothic vs. Goth

You may think Gothic refers to black nail polish, pale makeup, and ugly shoes; or perhaps it conjures up haunted houses, emo music, and Wuthering Heights. But as you’ve learned by now in class, Gothic was a term applied by Renaissance-era Italians to describe the ornate, soaring cathedrals of France, Germany, and England from about 1200 to 1400.There was, however, a moment of what is called the Neo-Gothic that proliferated in art, architecture, and literature in the first half of the 1800s. It’s this period — the one of Frankenstein, Romantic poetry, and emotionally dark paintings — that is more closely connected with “the Goth.” During this time, there was a revitalized taste in Gothic architecture. The largest Gothic cathedral in Europe, the Cologne Cathedral, was finally completed at this time, following 600 years of disinterest. And, in fact, our highest centers of learning in the newly established United States chose as its architecture Neo-Gothic design.For this discussion, answer the following: (200 words)WHY did the Neo-Gothic style become popular again in the nineteenth century? Be sure to cite your answer.Provide an example of nineteenth-century Neo-Gothic architecture in Virginia.Attach a jpeg image of the buildingGive its details (location, name, purpose, etc).Point out the features of the building that make it Gothic.Write a peer review on the following response. Write at least 4 sentences commenting on the aspect of their discussion. (100 words)The rebirth of Gothic style architecture in later times resulted in a more widespread popularity with this style of architecture being present across different countries. The rebirth of this style of architecture was a result of a change and shift throughout the Christian world. This change involved a shift back to more traditional values, and according to Lumen Learning, it was associated with a more “conservatism” ideal (“The Gothic Revival”). This time was more characteristic of the point in time the gothic style architecture was born.An example of Gothic style architecture here in the United States is Greenwich Presbyterian Church in Nokesville, Virginia. This structure held church service in this structure until a few years ago. A new building was built behind it where they currently hold service. This structure was built in the mid to late 19th century and it’s architectural design is characteristic of the Gothic style. This church has the high pointed steeple and pointed arches over the two front doors. The windows of this church are large, tall with arches, and also has some stained glass. Currently the inside of the building is not full of extravagant artwork and designs. For more information on

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[SOLVED] Gothic vs. Goth
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