[SOLVED] Health Care Informatics

Your extra credit assignment is to write an essay covering the topics listed below. The assignment is due at midnight on November 20, 2020. Essay Questions1. Health Informatics in a Pandemic: What is the role of Health Informatics Professionals in a Pandemic? 2. Importance of Health Informatics: Why is health informatics important in today’s healthcare and public health environment in the United States? In the world?Essay Criteria: Please follow the required criteria listed below: • Bonus Points/Value: This assignment is optional and worth 10 points. You must respond to all questions topics to receive any bonus points. • Minimum # of Pages: The essay should be 6 pages minimum: 1 Title page = The title page should include your name, course number and title, subject (Extra Credit Opportunity), semester (Fall 2020), Date, etc. 4 Topic pages= 2 pages per topic 1 Reference page = At least 2 additional references outside of the textbook and PowerPoints must be included. Additional references can be selected from the list at the end of the chapters. All reference must be cited on a separate reference page. • Separate Heading: To clearly distinguish the responses, each topic must have a separate heading and be listed in numerical order as shown above. • Spell Check: Please use spell check to ensure grammar and punctuation is correct. Points will be deducted for grammatical errors and/or incorrectly spelled words. • Resources: Use the PowerPoint slides, textbook and references at the end of the chapters when formulating your responses. • Formatting: MLA formatting is not required. I am less concerned with the formatting and more focused on the content.

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[SOLVED] Health Care Informatics
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