[SOLVED] History of the Holocaust

In this discussion, you will address the following learning outcomes:· Examine and describe the process whereby Nazi Germany socially and politically isolated German Jews between 1933 and the outbreak of World War II.· Analyze the responses of German Jews to Nazi persecution and the the intrusion of the regime into “everyday life.”In her article “Jewish Women in Nazi Germany: Daily Life, Daily Struggles,” Marion Kaplan describes the status of Jews in pre-Nazi and Nazi Germany with a special focus on the changes they experienced in their daily lives. In doing so she offers us an exceptionally detailed and nuanced view of the petty and not-so-petty forms of persecution that German Jews (both women and men) were forced to endure before the outbreak of World War II. She also relays their personal reactions and personal struggles in the midst of these difficult circumstances.Before beginning, this discussion make sure you have read the Module Notes Presentation (Links to an external site.) and Kaplan’s “Jewish Women in Nazi Daily Life (Links to an external site.).” You should also review the discussion of Nazi anti-Jewish policies in Chapter 2 of Bergen’s War and Genocide assigned in Module 2. Then, in 250 words, consider the following questions as jumping-off points for your post (you do not need to address each one individually). Your post should include specific examples and references from the assigned readings.· What policies did the Nazis implement against the Jews between their rise to power in 1933 and the outbreak of World War II in 1939? What patterns (if any) do you see in these policies and their evolution over time?· How did Nazi anti-Jewish policies affect the lives of “ordinary” German Jews—both men and women? What elements affected men and women equally? What elements affected one gender more than the other?· How did German Jews react to persecution from the Nazi regime and from “ordinary” (non-Jewish) Germans? Why did they react to the ways that they did? Why didn’t more of them see what was coming, and why didn’t more of them leave Germany?

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[SOLVED] History of the Holocaust
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