[SOLVED] Leadership at Verizon Communications

Verizon Communication under the leadership of Lowell C. McAdams as CEO.Please include the following sections:IntroductionBackground Information (1 pages)1. Explain how the CEO, or other administrative leader of your chosen organization, applies leadership skills to lead the organization.2. Assess the importance of vision to the leader and to an organization.3. Evaluate the consequences of a leader without vision and an organization without a vision.Philosophy and Skills (2 pages)1. Describe the philosophy of leadership in the organization chosen.2. Assess the core leadership skills utilized within the chosen organization.Leadership Attributes (1 page)3. Describe the essential attributes it takes to demonstrate leadership, including the acquisition of those attributes.4. Assess whether or not the leadership attributes demonstrated by an administrator within the organization you chose are working for the organization.5. Justify, using evidence, your assessment of whether or not the leadership attributes are working for the organization.Tone and Vision (3 pages)6. Evaluate the congruency of an organization’s mission and vision statement.7. Describe whether the organization is living the mission. How? Give examples. Include evidence from research.8. Justify your argument for or against the organization living the mission.Ethics and Challenges (1 pages)9. Describe the ethics employed by the organization chosen in Module One. 10. Identify challenges faced by the chosen organization.11. Evaluate the chosen organization’s response to challenges.Conclusion

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[SOLVED] Leadership at Verizon Communications
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