[SOLVED] Politics of Global Trade

choose one specific, currentissue related to global trade and provide an analysis of the developments related to the issue. In doing so, I want you to identify and discuss the following:Which states have an interest in the outcome? Which civil society groups, including NGOs, transnational corporations, or other groups of non-state actors? What are their interests, specifically? Why? How do these groups interact with each other?Are some more powerful than others? Why?Analyze the response of the various actors to the issue, drawing on the four theoretical approaches (Realist, Liberal, or Marxist/critical). Which approach do you feel explains the situation most appropriately? You may find that more than one approach has explanatory value – if so, explain why (and any shortcomings of the other approach(es) you draw on, if you find them inadequate).In addressing these questions, make sure to identify, up-front, the most relevant historical factors that provide any necessary context for understanding the current issue.topic examples:-US-China trade war-Trade issues related to Covid (supplies, vaccine, or any other issue…)-USMCA (recent renegotiation)-US withdrawal from the TPP (and current politics around the TPP)-US tariffs place on (any country) by the current administration-Arms trade (specific countries/issue)-Specific proposals to use trade agreements to advance environmental goals-Politics of the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS)

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[SOLVED] Politics of Global Trade
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