[SOLVED] Substance Abuse Theories

Watch an episode of the television show Intervention on www.aetv.com or www.youtube.com https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7ftt57. Briefly describe one of the addict’s story and circumstances. Based on the addict’s personal story, the information provided by significant others, and your overall observations of the episode, relate at least 2 of the theoretical models of addiction to this person’s life. In your paper, write about each of the models of addiction one at a time, creating a heading for each model, specifically relating them to what you observed and heard from the addict. What aspects or key concepts of the various models or theories of addiction are illustrated in this addict’s life? Connect at least 2 key concepts per model to the person’s addiction.You may use any of the following models: Disease Model, Psychoanalytic Model, Behavioral Model, Cognitive Model, Self-Medication Model, Family Systems Theory, Ego Psychology Model, Object-Relations ModelYou may also use hybrid models such as Cognitive-Behavioral Model and Bandura’s Social Learning Model (which is a combination of cognitive, behavioral, and social models), but once you use these hybrid models, you may not use the component models separately. For example, you cannot write about Social Learning Model, and then also write about Cognitive Model. Furthermore, if you write about Self-Medication model, you may not also write about Ego Psychology Model, as they are very similar.Cite literature that deals with the different models or theories. Use at least 3 different references in your paper. (This does not include multiple references from the same source.)How did this person’s description of his/her substance usage manifest a substance use disorder according to DSM-V criteria? Be specific in citing DSM-V criteria in your diagnosis. If you do not have enough information, do not make up facts. Simply state what information is lacking, or what would need more corroboration.

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[SOLVED] Substance Abuse Theories
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