[SOLVED] Adolescent Development

The attached articles join our textbook in reinforcing the importance of educating our teenagers when it comes to sex. The second of these articles suggests that (especially considering the lack of in-school sex education that some children get) that parents should take responsibility for this education.So, imagine that you are the parent of a teenager (for those of you who are already parents, this might not take too much imagining). How will you educate your teen about sex? Lay out a plan for how you will educate your teen, when that education will start (and why you’d start at that age), how you will approach your teen to talk about sex, what kinds of information you will tell him/her, and why you plan to educate him/her in this particular way (use research and concepts from Chapter 9 and the articles to explain each and every one of your choices). Your response should be 300 words or more, and you should use at least 3 specific concepts from Chapter 9 and/or the attached articles.https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/11/04/why-parents-should-have-the-sex-talk-with-their-children/

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[SOLVED] Adolescent Development
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