[SOLVED] American Revolutionary War

For the final assignment for this course, each student will be required to write a paper of no fewer than 8 double-spaced pages relating to a conflict of your choosing and the ensuing peace. Your paper use outside research to include the following:Where and when did the conflict take place?Who were the combatants involved in this conflict?What was the cause/what were the causes of this conflict?Was this conflict an example of primitive warfare, traditional war, total war, or somewhere in between?What brought the conflict to an end?How did the ensuing peace process attempt to create peace and prevent another war?Was the peace effective?You may use any type of outside research so long as the material comes from a reliable scholarly source or news outlet. Be sure to check the validity and reliability of your sources.Your paper should be structured as such:1. Introduction-Layout your topic, present your argument about whether or not the peace was effective.2. Combatants-Include background information on those fighting and why they were fighting? Was this conflict based on ideology? Politics? Economics? Revenge? Something else? Be sure to provide enough information about each side to explore motivations for fighting.3. The actual conflict-How did fighting take place? Where did fighting take place? This part of your paper will be the closest to pure military discussions.4. The end of the conflict-What brought an end to fighting? Did it end as a result of battle, or was it negotiated?5. Explanation and evaluation of peace-What were the terms of the peace? Was it a negotiated conference or imposed on the loser by the winner? Was it effective? Did conflict resume? As always, be sure to cite your materials using the Chicago style footnotes.

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[SOLVED] American Revolutionary War
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