[SOLVED] Business Principles

1. Research at least 2 organizations and report on how they incorporate the following components into their system:Organization Philosophy (Course SLO D, E)Leadership Philosophy (Course SLO D, E)Departmentalization (and how it will help you achieve their goals, objectives, and strategies) (Course SLO D, E)Authority and Power Structures (use of teams, decentralized/centralized, amount of delegation, employment involvement programs if any) (Course SLO D, E)2. Write about their own organization and how they will incorporate the above components.Objective:Students will apply the principles of management and organizational development in establishing a viable organization.Procedure:Throughout the course, students will build a viable, fictitious organization of their choice, although it can be based on an existing company. In each Module, they will1. Research at least two organizations and report on specific aspects of how those organizations utilize and apply the specific concepts covered in the module.2. Then, they will apply management and strategic organizational development techniques to create a written document (using Microsoft Word) describing the various aspects of their organization. This document will be developed in 3 sections, after the completion of each module.Project Guidelines:The paper should be a 12-point font with 1 ½ line spacingThere is not a specific length requirement but should be of enough length to precisely cover all of the conceptsThe paper should be organized so that it is obvious that each concept is covered both in the research of other organizations and the students’ own organizations. Generally, the students should go in the order of the components listed to be clear All research must have proper in-text citations as well as a complete Works Cited page at the end and be completed according to APA guidelines

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[SOLVED] Business Principles
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