[SOLVED] Deep Change by Robert E Quimm

Goal: Effective communicationGoal: Knowledge of discipline-focused contentGoal: Awareness of social justice and engagement in civic lifeCORE CompetenciesInquiry, analysis and decision-makingLiteracy and communicationIntegrated learningAssignmentsReflective Journal PapersYou are to analyze your own “leadership” experiences based on material we cover in the course anddevelop four journals, which are due Weeks 3, 6, 9 and 12. Each journal should be in the range of 5-7 pages, word-processed and double-spaced. For the first three journals, you are to summarize your personal knowledge from your observations, readings, online discussions and personal experiences. There are questions listed below that are designed to be a catalyst for beginning your reflection. However, if you choose to reflect outside the scope of these questions, you are free to do so.For example, your text stresses the importance of reflection as you develop as a leader. And, it also posits that reflection should be an ongoing activity. We are going to cover a lot of material during the course of this semester. And, some of it may make you uncomfortable, which is a good thing because it means that you are internally challenging yourself to grow as a leader.We have to remember that leadership is not just about leading an organization. There are many situations that will call for leaders that are not tied to a business or corporate environment. This proposition is particularly true as we move through a global challenging environment that for most people is unprecedented. Therefore, as you engage in doing your journals, you also have the option to primarily focus on analyzing your own “leadership” experiences compared and contrasted to the materials we will cover in the course.This reflective process may also include ideas/thoughts about both the leadership and organizational issues/theories we cover, what you have observed in your own organization, and how the learning resonates with you in context to how you see yourself developing as a leader within your organization.To get you started on the first three journals, as stated a few recommended reflective journal questions (but again not required) that can help to get you started include the following:1. As a leader, how would you apply the ideas of organization systems to help you better understand your role?2. How could you apply the ideas of deep change to your work role? What would cause you to become more comfortable with change? By examining the concept of deep change, what have you learned about yourself and how have you benefited?3. How do you deal with people inappropriately exercising power and influence in your organization? What have you learned from observing the power strategies in your organization, from the perspective of a leader and the perspective of a worker?4. How have you begun to learn about the culture in your organization? What is the role of a leader in setting culture? Do leaders define the culture or the culture defines the leader?5. How does a leader develop vision and encourage the hearts of the organization to follow that vision? Where are you with respect to that ability?6. How can Appreciative Inquiry be applied to all aspects of your life? What have you learned about yourself and others from applying it? Why is it important for leaders to take an appreciative approach to their organization and organizational members?

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[SOLVED] Deep Change by Robert E Quimm
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