[SOLVED] Equality and Freedom in America

History 1302 Themed Essay Assignment #2 We have been studying the themes of freedom and equality, and discussing the possibility of the two ideals coexisting during this period of American History. In this assignment you will have the opportunity to form your opinion on this topic, and based on evidences you provide from your textbook or other sources, you will produce an essay of 500-700 words in Chicago formatting. NOTE: Paper MUST include at least ONE (1) outside source as reference. If the paper does not include one outside source, it will be graded as an incomplete assignment.  As you prepare to write your essay, bear in mind the past discussions we have had in the class thus far on the American Expansion/ Imperialism, The 1920s, and The Great Depression • Who was free? • Does freedom guarantee equality? • Are equality and freedom the same things? • Can freedom exist without equality? Consider how economics, social and cultural traditions and expectation, and politics both domestic and foreign, can shape these concepts. ** Assignment: In an essay of 500 -700-word essay, provide a response to this question: How do equality and freedom come to bear in American History with emphasis on one of the following eras:  Expansion, The 1920s, or The Great Depression Outline: 1. Make sure your paper includes an introduction which you state your opinion 2. Follow your introduction with by at least four-to five paragraphs which include citations and references. 3. Your conclusion should be the final paragraph of equal depth and length of your body paragraphs.  4. Rather than state a summary of your preceding points, provide a statement about the concept moving forward.  Format: • Be sure to follow Chicago formatting for citations and sources. Papers submitted in any other form ill receive a zero for the assignment with no chance for redemption. • If you use your textbook, only parenthetical references are required.

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[SOLVED] Equality and Freedom in America
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