[SOLVED] Hepatitis C

Proposed Subject: Hepatitis C.Hepatitis C.  In the perspective of epidemiology, a distribution history of hepatitis C around the world what has been done about hepatitis C what’s progressing is going now and what the future goals to prevent the prevalence of hepatitis C worldwide.1- Abstract (a paragraph summarizing Hepatitis C).  This is a summary of the sections of the rest of the paper.Executive Summary of Hepatitis CTable of contents (not included in page total).  2- Introduction to Hepatitis C disease.  3- Pathophysiology (natural history of Hepatitis C).  4- Epidemiology of Hepatitis C (this should be the largest section).  5-Treatment of Hepatitis C.  6-Prevention of Hepatitis C.  7-Conclusion.  8- References only from science websites government (ScienceDirect, WHO, PubMed) not included in page total.9- Appendices (not included in page total) and tables, figures, and diagrams do not count against the page limit.This significant research course paper on a topic of epidemiologic importance (a disease and health issue of importance to minority and/or disadvantaged populations as defined by morbidity/mortality rates and ratios, timeliness, level of current knowledge).  This paper will have a maximum of 5 content pages and 1.5 spaced (exclusive of title page, table of contents, tables, charts, and bibliography). The course paper will be evaluated on the following criteria:Content This refers to what it is written. How great, timely, and accurate is the information presented in the paper.Format and style There is a format for the paper.  APA 6 format is the designated style. The paper should have section headings and subheadings as appropriate. A detailed table of contents is always a good introduction to the paper. Cute cover pages add nothing (and potentially detract) from the worth of the paper.Grammar and punctuation the form and structure of the text will be a part of the evaluation. Therefore, it is very important that the paper be well written from the standpoint of sentence structure, typographical errors, subject-verb congruence, and verb tense irregularities.  As this section is 10 points, a well-informed but poorly written paper could drop a whole grade.

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[SOLVED] Hepatitis C
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