[SOLVED] Hunger Strike Suffragettes

English 11 Research Paper PromptHistory is replete with prolonged periods of severe bigotry, racism, and religious persecution. For example:The Spanish InquisitionSlavery in the U.S.The Jim Crow ErSuffragettesNative American Displacement during U.S. ExpansionMcCarthyismRwanda GenocidDuring these and other such periods, literature has been a prominent means of bringing attention to the injustices of the time. You have seen examples of this in the literature we have read in class—The Crucible and “The Lottery” for example—and will read another in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. For this assignment, you will research and write about one of these significant episodes of widespread prejudice. In your research paper, you must address the following:Identify your research topic (including the important what, where, when, and who).Identify and explain any relevant laws or decrees by the ruling body.Identify and explain two or three representative social practices (or “norms”) of the time which best reflect the prejudices of the time.Make an argument as to whether the social practices and norms (and perhaps even laws) which contributed to the injustices of that period continue today. If so, in what ways are they still a problem (provide examples). If not, is there nevertheless a similar situation somewhere in the world today? Explain briefly the what, where, and who, pointing out the areas of similarity.

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[SOLVED] Hunger Strike Suffragettes
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