[SOLVED] International Organizations and NGOs

international case- Environmental Issue* briefly identify and analyze the issue and its importance for international relations and world politics and explain which international organization is or should be “in charge” of addressing that issue; and* critically analyze the international organization’s response to that issue(how did the organization approach “solving”the issue, to what extent was the approach successful or unsuccessful, which obstacles did the organization face, how could these obstacles be overcome, or similar);and* offer suggestions for future responses to similar cases (or to your case if it is ongoing).Please note that the paper is not supposed to be about the issue nor about the international organization. Your paper is supposed to be about the organization’s response to the issue. Similarly, you should not simply provide a description of what the organization did or how it approached the issue. Instead, you should critically analyze the organization’s approach, evaluate the level to which it succeeded or failed, assess the obstacles the organization faced or is facing in your chosen case, and consider what could have been done do improve the organization’s approach and the outcome.Your paper should advance an argument, which could be a causal claim or can analyze a concept in light of empirical evidence. The paper should focus on analyzing and critically evaluating the issue in question and/or establishing causal relationships, and NOT on summarizing historical trends.You must use a minimum of 8 peer-reviewed sources(scholarly journal articles and books

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[SOLVED] International Organizations and NGOs
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