[SOLVED] Mexica Expectations of Youth

Read this primary source and then: COMPARE THE EXPECTATIONS OF THE SEXES OF THE MESOAMERICAN SOCIETIES TO THAT OF THE  ISLAMIC EMPIRES essay must be 5 paragraphs the first paragraph being the thesis must be an argumentative thesis and the last paragraph is the conclusion which needs to state why you are correct, and make sure you restate you thesis throughout the paper. THIS IS THE PRIMARY SOURCE: the home is not here for thou art an eagle, thou art the serpent the bird of the lord of the near of the nigh. Here is only the place of thy nest. Thou hast only been hatched here thou hast only come arrived. thou art only forth on earth here. Here dost thou bud, blossom, germinate. Here thou becomest the chip, the fragment. here are only the cradle, thy cradle blanket, resting place of thy head. only thy place of arrival. thou belongest out there out there thou has been consecrated. Thou hast been sent into warfare. war is thy desert thy task. Thou shalt give drink, nourishment, food to the sun, the lord of the earth. thy real hom, thy property, thy lot is the home of the sun there in the heavens…… perhaps thou wilt receive the gift perhaps thou wilt merit death by the obsidian knife, the flowered death by the obsidian knife… And if it were a female, the midwife said to her when she cut her umbilical cord: ” my beloved maiden, my beloved noblewoman, thou has endured fatigue! our lord, the lord of the near of the nigh, hath sent thee. thou has come to arrive at a place of weariness a place of anguish a place of fatigue where there is cold, there is wind… Thou wilt be in the heart of the home, though wilt go nowhere, thou wilt nowhere become a wanderer thou becomes the banked fire, the hearth stones. here our lord planteth thee, burieth thee. And thou wilt become fatigued thou wilt become tired, thou art to provide water to grind maize to dudge thou art to sweat by the ashes by the hearth. then the midwife buried the umbilical cord of the noble woman by the hearth. it was said that by this she signified that the little woman would nowhere wander. her dwelling place was not necessary for her to go anywhere. And it meant that her very duty was drink, food. She was to prepare drink, to prepare food, to grind, to spin, to weave.

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[SOLVED] Mexica Expectations of Youth
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