[SOLVED] Science and Art

Please Pick one from the list below for the paper, the class readings are listed below and some are easily found online to be used as references.Paper 3: Science and ArtThis paper is more free-form than the previous two. You may choose to explore any of the ideas presented in the readings in greater depth. Examples include:The relationship between light/good, evil/dark.Zajonc follows light through centuries of Western thought. That brings to mind two other possibilities: a) light in non-Western thought, and b) following darkness through centuries of Western thought. How have we conceived of shadows and darkness?Exploring Shlain’s science concepts in other art genre.Comparing a scientific revolution to a concurrent art revolution (notice the singular; I would want an in-depth discussion of one zeitgeist flip).Review a book that relates science and art. I will have a list of possibilities shortly.Choose a seminal artist (such as Cézanne) and research his/her knowledge of scientific ideas and expression of those ideas in art.Compare the photographic art of Alfred Stieglitz with the painting art of his wife Georgia O’Keeffe. How are art and science fused in their works?Something on the history of landscape painting and what each period emphasized.I expect the usual standard of referencing ideas that are not your own. You do not have to use any particular style, but I do expect consistency. You may choose to use either superscript numbers and footnotes, or parentheses enclosing author name(s) and date, with an ordered bibliography at the end. Anything longer than a short phrase that is a direct quote must be enclosed in quotes and referenced. Any direct quote of more than one sentence should be offset/indented. Ideas that have been re-phrased by you but still contain the original thought must be referenced. All material from the web should be referenced with the author, date (if available), and url.REQUIRED READINGS:Arthur Zajonc: Catching the lightLeonard Shlain: Art and physics: parallel visions in space, time, and lightLynn Gamwell: Exploring the invisible: art, science, and the spiritualSuggestions for reading:Paul C. Vitz: Modern Art and Modern Science: The Parallel Analysis of VisionRobert Scott Root-Bernstein 1984: On Paradigms and Revolutions in Science and Art: The Challenge ofInterpretation, Art Journal 44, No. 2, p. 109-118 [Available free through JSTOR- need to register] https://www.jstor.org/stable/776750?seq=1Barbara Stafford: Artful Science: Enlightenment Entertainment and the Eclipse of Visual Education

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[SOLVED] Science and Art
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