[SOLVED] Social Inequality

The topic I picked for this paper is to examine poverty and access to education.Social inequality occurs in society when there exists a hierarchy based on characteristics of class, race, gender, and sexuality. Those at the top of the hierarchy have the most access to resources and those at the bottom have the least. Social inequalities can be revealed in many ways, such as differential access to education, income and wealth disparity, unequal treatment by the criminal justice system, and contrasts in housing quality. This research paper asks you to examine a form of social inequality, in relation to race, class, gender, and/or sexuality, from a sociological perspective. This is a research paper, so you will need to research your topic using credible sources. Any arguments that you make in your research paper must be backed up with evidence, such as statistics, data, studies, statements of experts in the field, and/or sociological concepts as discussed in your textbook. Do not include personal opinions. Appropriately cited using ASA style (in-text and on Reference page). 5-7 pages (not including Title and References pages). There can be outside sources but once accepted I will add my college’s library information. The minimum sources is three but please feel free to use more. This paper is based on research. I am only in Intro to Sociology. I do not know too much about sociology just the basics so when writing consider that. If needed I can attached PDF’s of slides we looked over in class.Grading will be based on: Critical thinkingOrganizationDevelopment of ideaUse of researchFormat and structureGrammar and mechanicsCorrect use of sources and citationsCorrect use of course-related concepts

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[SOLVED] Social Inequality
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