[SOLVED] Social Media and Its Impact

In today’s society, there are a host of problems that are out there for us to listen to or see. You, at your unique age (teen), have the opportunity to be able to listen and see them unfold and look for solutions to them. You will pick one, in particular, that is meaningful to you in your present age; another ward, one that is something your age group is concerned with.Your goal with this essay is to identify, interpret, and then resolve a distinct issue/condition in your age group community, as you understand it (17, teen). This is an argument, in that you are arguing your problem is significant to your community/age group and you are showing that your solution is a way to solve the problem you have identified. Be sure to pick articles that have rhetorical devices and strategy, so you can analyze them to write about them in-depth. Through specific analysis, these should support your interpretation and resolution.—> Classical Argumentation Essay <---Thesis driven essay- make your thesis specific to the direction of your essay.Claim: clear, precise, arguable, establish significanceOrganizations: Engaging introduction and conclusion, MLA format, 5 or less grammar, spelling, usage, mechanics, clear transitional words among ideas and paragraphs,Lang and style: formal and objective style and tone, academic integrity and voice, varied sentence structureEvidence: 4 scholarly peer-reviewed articles, paraphrased and direct quotes not more than 15% similar, supports the claim, counterclaim acknowledged and distinguished from the central claim, demonstrate reasoningMAKE SURE YOU ADD A COUNTERCLAIM PARAGRAPH.ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY at the end where the works Cited goes: answer these questions: Include a summary of the source and How is the source reliable? How are you going to use the source?Thank you so much!

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[SOLVED] Social Media and Its Impact
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