[SOLVED] Social Psychology Theorist

Students are required to choose a social psychology theorist that was discussed in this course and write a five to seven (6 –7) page American Psychological Association (APA) style format research paper. The APA style format only needs to include a title page, the body of the paper, and a reference page. The title page and reference page is NOT included in the page limit.Please discuss your chosen theorist’s main contribution to personality (i.e. Leon Festinger and his cognitive dissonance).You will be required to use a minimum of three (3) references/resources/works cited (at least two (2) MUST be research articles) not used in this class in formulating the research paper. In writing this research paper, you must address the following three (3) questions:1) What was your chosen theorist’s major contribution to social psychology?2) How has your chosen theorist’s contribution shaped social psychology today?3) Does the theorist’s major contribution address categories of diversity? Please discuss how the theorist’s major contribution adds to knowledge about culture, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, and disability. Please be sure to address each of these diversity categories. If the theorist’s major contribution does not address a diversity category just state this.Zero plagiarism!(Author’s last name, Year published) Example: (Jones, 2017)(Author’s last name, Year published) Example: (Jones & Parker, 2017)(Author’s last name, Year published, Page number) Example: (Jones, 2017, p. 5)Please refer to the APA manual for specific directions regarding lengthy quoted material. Paraphrasing with a citation is the best option.Please note: When submitting research papers to Dropbox, the research papers will be processed through the Turnitin system that is designed to detect plagiarism.The research paper is not subject to the one-day late policy. Grading for the research paper will be based on the rubric within the syllabus.Theorists: Allport, Milgram, Tajfel, Bendura, Weiner, Festinger, BenthamBook read in class: The social animal by Elliot Aronson with Joshua Aronson.

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[SOLVED] Social Psychology Theorist
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