[SOLVED] The Coddling Mind of America

Answer the short discussion questions Based on The Coddling Mind of America.1.What is the main point of this article?2.What examples do the authors use to support their thesis?3.In the section called “How did we get here?” they lay out a number of probable causes that have led up to the current issue. What causes do they give?4. What specific psychological approach do the authors use to help support their point in the section labeled “The Thinking Cure?”5.What is emotional reasoning? Why are “subjective feelings not always trustworthy guides?”6.What do Lukianoff and Haidt argue is wrong with “trigger warnings?” What is “exposure therapy?”7.Why do they argue any attempts to shield students are bad for them?8.Do you agree with their argument(s)? Why or why not?

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[SOLVED] The Coddling Mind of America
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