[SOLVED] The Great Debate

Should the Federal government of the United States intervene in domestic issues and to what extent? Requirements for Final Project: Students are required to debate the above question using 2 separate domestic conflicts that the Federal government of the United States has intervened in (up to 1877). This project will require a total of 6 pages with 6 outside sources. The project will encompass 3 pages Pro-Federal involvement and 3 pages Anti-Federal involvement with 3 sources dedicated to each side. The sources can only come from actual books, Galileo or JSTOR (if there is a source a student wishes to use that is outside of these specifications, teacher approval must be gained). Debate layout must include the following: ? 2 domestic events where the United States has intervened (up to 1877) ? Sources: minimum total of 6 sources (the textbook does not count) with a minimum of 3 sources per debate section: Pro-US Involvement and Anti-US Involvement ? Utilize scholarly sources (no websites—Britannica, Wikipedia, etc.) to support your argument and make sure sources are cited w/in your debate!!! students can utilize (JSTOR or Galileo); websites will NOT be accepted ? Project length: Cover page, 6 (full) pages? 1.5 spaced and max 12pt. font (Times Roman), 3 (full) pages for each side, and a Bibliography must be included on a final separate page ? Write this project as if you were being required to debate this against another person! Due: Complete the assignment by 11:59 pm on the day it is due—refer to the syllabus! -State your argument—for or against using specific examples (the benefits and consequences) -What are the events you are using to support your argument -What is the alternative action that should be taken or should there be an increase in current actions -One argument at a time…fully support it! -Always give a conclusion *

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[SOLVED] The Great Debate
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