[SOLVED] Crisis Intervention Transcript

Crisis Intervention Transcript This assignment will showcase the applied portion of the class. Your assignment is to write a script of dialog between you and a mock crisis client. The length of the script should be 2-3 pages, double spaced (you may use the vignettes found in blackboard or make up your own). Because this is a telephone call you will be relying more on voice and tone. You should be addressing safety issues as well as helping the person construct a strategy to deal with the crisis (you don’t have to necessarily solve it). This can include providing quick behavioral interventions (breathing exercises), providing resources, as well as empathic support. Crisis Intervention Vignettes Please select one vignette. These are basic outlines…you may add, alter, and/or improvise details for the assignment. These are simulated, do not use personal examples.    Justine/Justin is a 30 year old that has been married for the past five years. S/he calls in to tell that her/his spouse has recently become violent with her/him in the previous week. S/he reported that his/her spouse has been “verbally aggressive” before, but usually apologizes afterwards. S/he does not know what to do and sounds confused and a bit disorganized on the phone… Erick/Erica is an US Army veteran who recently returned from a 9 month tour in Afghanistan. Prior to that tour, s/he had been deployed on three other occasions in Iraq and Afghanistan. He phones the 24 hour crisis line because s/he “just woke up from a nightmare” and cannot seem to “get settled.” S/he experiences these nightmares every night since returning, although this night has been “the worst so far.” S/he sounds anxious, erratic, and upset on the phone… Billy/Billie is a college student who phoned in to report he/she was recently sexually assaulted over the previous weekend. S/he indicated that over the course of the past few days s/he has become increasingly “uncomfortable about what happened” and “does not know what to feel about it.” These thoughts have also been preventing her/him from completing school work on time, and is falling behind in class. S/he sounds preoccupied, but there is also a sense of anger… Alex/Alexia is a 55 year old who phoned in because s/he is “lonely and depressed.” S/he has a history of suicidal ideation. S/he stated that tonight is especially tough because it is the anniversary of the death of her mother (s/her was close to her). Alex/Alexia remarks that s/he feels “out of sorts” and “sees a bleak future.” S/he sounds very sad and despondent on the phone…

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[SOLVED] Crisis Intervention Transcript
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