[SOLVED] Fan Safety

Fan safety at public assembly venues has gained tremendous attention over the last few years. There have been all types of incidents in all types of venues. Your assignment is to analyze an incident that has occurred at a public assembly venue within the last three years. The venue must be a spectator venue — no convention centers, conference centers, night clubs, golf courses, movie theaters or exhibit halls. Failing to analyze an incident in one of these venue types or within the last three years will result in a grade of zero. Please keep in mind that this project is designed to report on fan safety. Please do not report on player or performer safety. Please note: You may not use fans being hit by baseballs in the stands during major or minor baseball league games for this project. Events cancelled or interrupted because of COVID do not qualify for this project.Think carefully about the incident you choose to study. This is a research-based assignment. The quality of your research will ultimately determine the quality of your assignment.The following outline identifies items that should be included in your assignment.Topics To Be Included In Venue DescriptionName, Location, and Type of VenueBrief description of the venueHistory — Why was it built? When was it built? Types and number of events presented each year—Primary venue tenantsTopics To Be Included In Incident Description and PreventionA thorough description of the incident; including the date of the event, type of event, event attendance, number of injured parties, severity of their injuries, damages awarded to victims (if applicable)Based on how the incident happened, what practical steps would you take as a venue manager to prevent such an incident from occurring in the future? (Be Specific)Your assignment should be well-organized, easily readable, and written with acceptable grammar, word usage, and spelling. You should submit your assignment as a PDF to prevent formatting changes. Your assignment should be no more than three (3) double spaced typed written pages. This assignment is worth up to 40 points.This assignment is due by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, November 24th. You may submit this assignment early. Late assignments will be subject to late penalties outlined in the course syllabus.Use must cite all your references. Your reference page does not count against your three-page limit.

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[SOLVED] Fan Safety
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