[SOLVED] Human Security and the Interests of State

TOPIC: Human Security and the Interests of States   Paper will investigate something/actions/event that has happened, some institution/organization/regime that has been created/emerged, or some discussion of policy cooperation or coordination that must happen and will provide some analysis on the extent that these occurrences relate explicitly (or not) to human security theories, themes, critiques, or arguments.    RULES: each paper must be typed, double-spaced, and reach a length of approximately 10 pages and will need to include a TITLE PAGE and a WORKS CONSULTED PAGE. MUST include a minimum of 20 sources, and most of those sources must be accessed from books or academic journals. It is very probable that most papers will consult primary documents.     1) RESEARCH QUESTION: All papers must be guided by a research question. The research question is LITERALLY the question that the paper seeks to answer. It must be something that is neither answered by your thoughts (I think the answer is…) nor unsearchable (there is no sufficient information out there to accomplish this) It must be clear, direct, and precise. Explain it in more than a sentence. AND, it MUST RELATE TO ACTUAL CONCEPTUAL AND HISTORICAL QUESTIONS OF HUMAN SECURITY. Research questions MUST be related to and derived from THE LITERATURE/YOUR RESEARCH.    2) THESIS/ARGUMENT. Once the question is established, the answer to that question will be stated in an argument. Using the format of “This paper argues…” or “In this paper I argue that…” is okay, although any way that you can make this CLEAR and DIRECT is okay. 3) Historical/contextual background. Do NOT have this become the main part of the paper. Do NOT write a case study or history of the issue paper. You need to briefly (1-3pages max) lay out the facts of the case or the issue or the concept. But, you must write this to set up and support your arguments…not simply be a paper about…” ISSUE AS HUMAN SECURITY”  4) ANAYLYSIS. This is where you explain the argument, explain it completely, and use EVIDENCE/RESEARCH to support the argument. The literature must inform this as much as possible. This is the bulk of the paper. It can compare cases or suggest that the tension between human and national security is (isn’t) a strong explanation. It can do a LOT of things, but it must cite research early and often. Please DO NOT ask a question or waste a lot of time on a paper that simply asks if “something IS human security.” Compare, apply, be the analyst. AND, USE FOOTNOTES!!  5) Address counter arguments if they are clearly discussed in the literature.  6) Conclusion 7) SEPARATE but included: WORKS CONSULTED. PLEASE use at least 20-ACEDEMIC SOURCES.

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[SOLVED] Human Security and the Interests of State
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