[SOLVED] Liberal Studies

!) Include possible objections and replies (a defense of your position). You can use any ideas or arguments that you think are relevant (readings, discussion board, ect) No quotes. No cutting and pasting. You will receive no credit for the final exam if you use downloaded material. Please proofread your papers carefully.III. State of Nature argumentsState of nature arguments like we find in Hobbes and Rousseau are all misleading. They postulate a time in which humans didn’t live in society or community. But this is false. On the other hand one might think that state of nature arguments are simply thought experiments to make clear what is the foundation of political authority. However, some philosophers have pointed out that even so, it still obscures the issue, because one has biological, social and moral ties to people that need to be understood to explain why human beings are compelled to live in society or a community. Appeals to rational self-interest aren’t sufficient. Can one sever one’s relationships once and for all ? Aristotle says such a person is rare: he or she would be either a beast or a deity. But then what binds us to our society?

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[SOLVED] Liberal Studies
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