[SOLVED] Marijuana Legalization

This is a research paper mixed with a literature review and problem/solution. For states that are already legalization marijuana, I’m wondering how doe that impact adolescent? does the number increase?For this paper, I want you to conceive of a topic that needs a solution. You will then do a focused literature search around the topic to find answers. You define the question and answer it with literature. The headings and structure are as follows (you define the three key points with regard to what the lit says AFTER reading and evaluating the lit) The paper should be about 6 to 8 pages in length and the structure is as follows, recommended page guidelines follow as well.Here are the headings I want you to write from:Here is how your paper will be structured (Headings in bold)A.My solution-focused question: Does AA work and what does the literature show ( 1/3 page)?B. Findings (select three core conclusions and create headings in your own words)1.AA works for some but not all people (note that I concluded that by reading the literature I Found and created the heading here); (1 to 2 pages)Summarize findings here, in formal academic writing—do not use first-person like I2.The data on AA is not as strong as it is for other forms of therapy ( 1 to 2 pages)Summarize findings here, in formal academic writing—do not use first-person like I3. The data are weak and limited to studies of mostly males (1 to 2 pages)Summarize findings here, in formal academic writing—do not use first person like IDirections for future research (1 page)Here is where you as a student will summarize what you think needs to happen in the future to improve the area.Conclusions (1 page):Here you summarize what you assess the literature says with regard to an answer or solution to your question or problem and you hypothesize further your ideas about the area and what else needs to happen, perhaps what other areas would be relevant etc.This paper will read like a brief, focused lit review (with headings)—you will be answering the ultimate question you posed above using literature you reviewed from the search engine, PsychInfo. I recommend writing with a summary in mind or a thesis in mind. You should answer your core question building the answer around the literature you found. What is the solution or the answer to your question and what does the research point to?

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[SOLVED] Marijuana Legalization
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