[SOLVED] Mass Incarceration and Social Inequality

ENC 1102 Essay Directions                    The purpose of this course is to improve your writing and help you transition from the style of writing taught in high school and used in everyday situations to the style of writing used in college and professional situations. The best way to improve your individual writing style is through guided repetition and self-correction; therefore, you may resubmit each homework writing assignment for regrading until you achieve a grade of A.    All essay assignments must: •               Be 800-1000 words long ·                Be presented in MLA format (see your Little Seagull) If you assignment is not in MLA format you will automatically lose 10% of the overall grade. •                Include quotes or paraphrases from at least three outside sources (at least one must be peer reviewed). Wikipedia, Sparknotes(.com), Cliffnotes(.com),Shmoop, Yahoo ask, Ask.com (or any other ask), E-how.com or any other study guide is never an acceptable source and will not counted as part of your source requirement  •               Two quotes or paraphrases from inside the article(s) you are discussing  •               A Works Cited page •               An outline (a separate pre-writing assignment     When grading essays, I will be looking for the following:                                     •Diction                                      •Sentence Structure                                      •Use of Standard English                                      •Appropriateness of Content                                     •Organization                                     •Appropriateness of style, tone, and sense of audience                                     •Understanding and successful completion of the specific assignment                                     •Mechanics                                     •Other factors relating to specific assignment                      On your essay assignments, I will assign a U worth 50% of the allowable number of points for certain unacceptable papers. (See grading sheet)   On essay assignments, the F is reserved for plagiarized assignments and is equal to a zero. Unlike other low essay grades, a plagiarized paper may NOT be resubmitted for re-grading.

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[SOLVED] Mass Incarceration and Social Inequality
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