[SOLVED] Ocean Mining and Deep Sea Fishing

Topic: Write a researched argument about how ocean mining and deep sea fishing are negatively impacting our oceans.So far this semester you have learned about reading closely and thinking critically, writing summaries, about audience and tone, and about ethos, logos, and pathos. You’ve chosen and evaluated a topic you feel connected to. You’ve conducted some introductory research, assessed that research, and cited that research. Now it’s time for you to unleash this new skill set on perhaps the most significant task of the semester: the researched argument.For this assignment, you will be writing a researched argument to address stakeholders in academic communities. Papers that earn an A or B are generally 5-6 full pages long. This paper will be accompanied by a Works Cited page including an absolute minimum of 5 sources (you should have at least as many sources as you have pages). You’ll include a well-analyzed variety of credible sources to provide sufficient grounds for your argument, and you’ll integrate and cite each of these sources within the text of your paper as well, demonstrating your ability to quote, paraphrase, summarize, and synthesize. MLA style must be followed through both the argument and the Works Cited page. This paper is worth 350 points (35% of your final grade).Your textbook provides ample suggestions and examples of how best to organize several different types of argument. Yours will fall into the category of an evaluation (Ch. 10) or proposal argument (Ch. 12). You’ll learn about each of these as you draft your thesis. Regardless of which form your argument takes, it will have a thesis-driven structure in which you:Begin with an attention-getter. Go beyond announcing the issue or making a generalization; instead, present a vivid example or other powerful information that will compel your reader.Provide the background information and context necessary to understanding your argument.State your claim / thesis at the end of the introduction. This should be clear and concise and should demonstrate the format of your argument.Begin body paragraphs with clearly stated ideas in your own words that link back to your thesis (they serve as the main points -the ‘P’ in PIE- for the paragraph).Develop paragraphs with Information (specific details, data, quotations, and examples from your research and perhaps from your own personal experience) and explanation (connections among sources, discussion, and reflection).Demonstrate your skills in effective argumentation through appeals to rhetorical strategies found under ethos, logos, and pathos.Identify anticipated objections to your argument and respond to them fairly, a task you’ll begin in the con argument assignment. This section usually comes at the end of your paper, just before the conclusion.Develop a strong conclusion that reiterates your argument and links back to your attention-getter. When developing your conclusion, also consider providing a final insight or compelling detail, a proposed solution for your argument, or a call to action.Chapters 10, 12, 13, and 17-22 in your textbook include numerous ideas, strategies, examples, and references for you as you draft this paper. You have read (and will read) these chapters independently, and we will address the most pertinent resources together in class so you can more easily navigate them on your own.

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[SOLVED] Ocean Mining and Deep Sea Fishing
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