[SOLVED] Political Gender

Opinion-editorial: You will write an opinion editorial on a topic of your choice relating to Gender and Politics. Before writing, I encourage you to read a few others from a reputable magazine (or a few), including those related to the topic about which you want to write.   Your op-ed should: 1. Identify a problem and respond with a challenging or unconventional perspective that will likely not be found anywhere else in the publication. BE CREATIVE IN YOUR TOPIC OF CHOICE. Unlike other forms of policy writing, an op-ed makes both a logical and a moral appeal to readers. Therefore, your submission should contain both descriptive writing (which details the facts of what is) and normative writing (which proposes what should be).  2. The topic should be relevant and newsworthy, even if it is not getting the current media attention you think it deserves. Consider making a connection between your issue and a hot button story in politics, culture etc. to clarify why it is important to write about this issue now.  3. Infuse your op-ed with your distinctive voice, values, and relevant anecdotes if you think they will help you sway readers. Acknowledging the other side of the argument and offering a rebuttal can strengthen your op-ed, but this should not take up too much of your piece. 4. End the op-ed by offering a creative solution to the problem. Finally, adhere to the conventions of the genre: stay between 700-800 words, write concise sentences and paragraphs, quote sparingly, and choose a headline that summarizes your central argument.

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[SOLVED] Political Gender
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