[SOLVED] Strategic Influence

WEEK 6 – STRATEGIC INFLUENCE FINAL INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT (25%)   DUE DATE: Thursday, December 10 @ 23:59 PST Your FINAL ASSIGNMENT is an individual essay shaped by the course material and readings. Each learner will focus on a specific organization: 1.      Looking at your present organization, evaluate your strategic influence in the organization and how you will develop further influence for the future.  2.      Using Chapter 4 of Richard Hughes, Katherine Colarelli Beatty & David Dinwoodie (2014) Becoming a Strategic Leader. Jossey-Bass. Second Edition. (pp. 145-195), review your strategic influence within the organization you presently serve and prepare a complete assessment of your present strategic influence and the development of your future strategic influence using the following materials and questions: a.      From p. 76 – write a one-page newspaper article portraying your vision and aspirations for your organization. ·       The article should represent what would make you proud to be able to say about your organization three or four years from now. ·       Write the article so: o   It tells the story of your organization’s success. o   It evokes feelings of pride when you read it. o   It conveys the kind of organization you work for and what it has accomplished. §  You will want to cite as much supporting material as you can to support your assertions, along with anecdotes, quotes and corporate stories. b.      Use relevant materials from pp. 145-195, including Exhibits 4.1-4.13, to develop a strategic influence development plan for you in your present organization. (15 double spaced pages maximum) 3.      Once you complete your assessment use Chapters 6-9 of Galbraith’s Designing Organizations: Strategy, Structure and Process at the Business Unit Levels (pp. 131-216) to identify/determine what type of organizational design is best served by the strategic influence you see yourself developing in the organization. a.      If none of the designs listed in Galbraith fit the organization’s future following the implementation of the strategic influence you see yourself developing; state why they do not fit and describe your vision of the organization’s future in terms of another suggested design for operating. b.      Feel free to create a workable hybrid you can add to your organizational practice for the organization you work with. 4.      You may use any available documentation you can access about your organization to obtain the needed information for the assignment. a.      You may also use: ·       Any other course materials to support your evaluation and development of your strategic influences within your organization. ·       Any other research materials you find to support your evaluation and development of your strategic influences within your organization 5.      Your assignment with utilize APA 7th edition throughout including a cover page and reference page. NOTE: The assignment should not exceed 15 double spaced pages plus cover page, reference page(s) and Appendices. All references must appear on the credits page and submitted as an APA compliant WORD doc [cover page and references page] to the assignment drop box). Substantive, Succinct and Cited.

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[SOLVED] Strategic Influence
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