[SOLVED] The Face Negotiation Theory

It’s a literature review and my topic as mentioned is on The Face Negotiation Theory. Below are the given instructions. I can send you a PDF with a more in depth copy.The final paper for this class is a 1500-2000 word miniature Literature Review. It is designed to enable you to synthesize some of the research conducted around a particular communication theory or communication problem. It is meant to provide a coherent and comprehensive treatment of the research that you read this semester in COM 207. You have two routes theory or problem.I chose a communication theory, Face Negotiation Theory.Theory; Choose a theory that is discussed in Griffin’s Textbook Communication; A First Look at Communication Theory. Your theory is the topic of your paper. Then search for studies published in peer reviewed scholarly communication journals– studies that explicitly use the theory you have chosen. Thoroughly read the various studies that use the theory you have chosen.After you have read (re-read) the articles so that you understand them, consider the following questions: What are the similarities and differences in the findings/results? What are the similarities and differences in the research methods/procedures and in the way the authors conceptualize and/or measure various aspects of the theory? When you look at all the studies as a whole, do they generally support the theory? How so? Based on the studies that have employed the theory, what do we know and what do we not know about communication? These are all questions you will need to address in your paper.Your Literature Review Paper must do four primary things.1. Introduce your theory and it’s importance to the field of communication2. Summarize and/or explain the theory or theories that address the problem.3. “synthesize” the recent communication research on your topic/theory4. Offer a conclusion where you evaluate the research you reviewed and suggest future directions communication researchers might take in exploring the theory or problem.

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[SOLVED] The Face Negotiation Theory
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