[SOLVED] The Impact of Media on Transgender Awareness

In this 8-10-page paper, students will utilize analytical concepts and / or theories learned throughout the quarter to examine any concrete issue regarding the intersection of media and religion that interests them. This paper will be comprised of the following parts: a. Description: Describe and define a historical or contemporary issue regarding the intersection of media and religion. The issue may be from our readings, your personal experience, or an issue that you have researched. b. Problematize issue: Be able to define why focusing on this issue illuminates a problem or dilemma for religion, media, the self, or society. (Alternatively, the problem may be a lack of research on a particular issue regarding the intersection of media and religion, which your paper can ad-dress.) c. Level of analysis: in relation to “b” above, be able to identify the level of analysis: media device / platform, individual, organization/group, institution, society, or a relationship between levels. d. Research and analysis: This section can include the use of data from original research, existing data, or library research (i.e., review of published studies). Utilize concepts and theories from this class to frame, understand, and organize your research. e. Conclusion and reflection: In addition to providing a conclusion that sums up the importance of your work, you should also delineate the ways the issue, problem, and your analysis might inform future action or research. f. Works cited: Cite all sources including materials used in class (need both inline citations and works cited list). Course materials: Must use at least two readings from class. Use at least four additional sources – at least two need to be academic resources. The other, non-academic additional resources can be from credible news sources or other popular sources that may help you illustrate something important in your work. [added highlighted content for clarity, 11/28/20] **** I have provided the outline proposal in the files. In the annotated bibliography there are the resources along with additional pdf files I added from my course. Thank you 🙂 and if you have any questions feel free to chat me 

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[SOLVED] The Impact of Media on Transgender Awareness
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