[SOLVED] Abraham Lincoln

You might remember from our discussion of Reconstruction that Lincoln’s body went through a LOT before he was finally laid to rest. Because he was assassinated, he wouldn’t get to accomplish his vision of Reconstruction, nor see the results of that Reconstruction. Prompt: You are goofing around one evening and somehow summon the spirit of Abraham Lincoln! I’m really quite impressed. You have SO many questions for him, but before you get a chance to ask them, he shushes you (that’s kind of rude! But it is Lincoln, so you forgive him), and says, “I haven’t been up to too much lately, so I thought I would come down to see what has been happening in my absence. How has this country evolved over time?” Instructions! -write a 3 page (minimum) response to Lincoln. Essays should: -rely upon important themes, evidence, and topics covered in class. Lincoln might be vague here, but you should be able to explain to him the significant conflicts, ideas, and political decisions that impact the course of the history we have been discussing. -You must cover three significant periods of your choosing and bring in references to two primary sources from that chapter. (You should have six primary sources in total). In your coverage of these periods, you must explain why you chose them, and what is so significant about them (policies, people, etc.). -be creative! You can format this however you’d like. It can be a narrative story, written more like a script, it’s up to you. As long as you are following the directions, be as creative as you want. You can let Lincoln talk more, too, if you wish! -be using proper citation. For this exam essay, parenthetical citation is fine. Make sure to proofread! -DO NOT bring in outside sources. I will take off points if you do. Use only the material from class & the book and cite primary sources and the chapter parts from Yawp.

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[SOLVED] Abraham Lincoln
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