[SOLVED] Criminal Psychology

CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGY II – CRIMINAL MINDS ONLINE COURSEJournal Assignment Please respond to the following journal assignment by typing your entries using a 12 point font and remember to double space.  A minimum length of 2 pages for each entry is required.Your Journal is worth 20% of your final mark (5% for each journal). Journal Assignment #1PROSTITUTIONDo you think the Canadian Government should just legalize all forms of prostitution and then monitor it?  Should they tax prostitutes as they would other employees?  If they legalized it, do you think society would be worst?  Write 2 typed double-spaced pages on it expressing your thoughts.  Journal Assignment #2CAPITAL PUNISHMENTDo you think Canada should bring back the death penalty?  Do you think it would decrease the amount of murders committed in Canada?  What about individuals who were imprisoned for crimes they were innocent of?  What if they were executed?  Also, what do you think about Canada refusing to send criminals back to their country of origin where they committed murders and now face execution?  Write 2 pages expressing your opinions.Journal Assignment #3INSANITYWhat is your opinion of insanity used as a defense to get someone off of a crime they committed?  If they possess any of the mentioned personality disorders, then theoretically speaking they are mentally ill?  Should they be treated differently?  Should a pedophile who has a sexual sickness be found insane?  Should an impaired driver suffering from alcoholism be treated more leniently because they have a sickness to alcohol?  Please share your opinions in 2 pages. Journal Assignment #4PORNOGRAPHYWhat are your thoughts and views on pornography?  Do you think pornography, strip joints and Internet sites encourage individuals to commit sex crimes?  Do you think they are a contributing factor?  Do you think if the government placed a ban on all types of pornography, there would be less rapes and sex crimes?  Please complete 2 pages with your opinions.

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[SOLVED] Criminal Psychology
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